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Ramadan Egyptian drama series 2023

After the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, and as usual, the majority of television fans are followed by the next Ramadan drama news, especially the Egyptian series, usually following a variety and are watching and most importantly grade stars. A tour during which we review the most prominent Egyptian series waiting for the public in Ramadan 2023/1444. Given the TV business that will be presented during Ramadan 2023, we can say that this year comes sponsored by comedy series to collect many generations from young and old stars, and this series “Great 7” after the great success of the series “Great 6” 2022, many have called for a new season, which Ahmed Makki announced the end of Ramadan. Although all this is waiting and passion, there are some of the two skepticists from the closeness of Makki the opportunity, their favorites are leaving from the “great” and new figures. The series of directed by Ahmed Al-Jundi, plays his long-term work stars, including the mercy of Ahmed and Mohammed Salam and Bayoum, Fouad and Mustafa Ghareeb Salah and the sky of Ibrahim, as well as many guests of honor at their head Ahmed Al-Sakka and Nour and Kamal Abu Ria and Alaa Morsi and Mohammed Hamoud. Makki has recently introduced the propaganda song that belongs to the “rap” category, which carried the song “and a journal” and quickly tended on Google and YouTube, offering it to date 5.7 Millions of views. The series “game 4” is one of the most awful serials whether of adults or children, the fourth season of the series “game 4: Champions League” and is the first part in the Ramadan season, as it was scheduled to be presented in February before delayed the lack of photography, This time in fierce competition in front of dozens of other dramas. The series of Hisham Majid, Shiko, Abdel Rasool and Mohamed Kassab, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Tharwat and Sami, and Sami Maghouri, and is due to include a new group of challenges between the two teams. Serial series consists of 15 years after another drama is increasing, especially after the mass acceptance and cash, but we will see drama from 10 rings as well, and these are the most important serials that will be exposed during half a month only: a series “Jet Sound” After the absence of 4 years, the star Donia Samir Ghanem returns to the Ramadan drama, during which many successes, this time is submitted to the work combines and fantasy during which it appears in different views where corrugated and gay Medical. Jet Sound series revolves in a framework that combines reality and imagination, which we saw during the advertising advertising where the capacity of the heroine is on the world of tales of a magical book. The work was narrated by Islam Khairi and directed by Ahmed Al-Sabki, and participates in his length of Mohammed Salam, and Salwa speech, and Biomi Fouad, and some guests of honor. The series “Al Safara” is another comedy series of Ahmed Amin after several collective tournaments, participating in the tournament this time Taha Desouki, Mahmoud al-Bazawi, and, Salousa, and Aya Samaha, Hatem Salah, and Mohammed Radwan. Work as well as the category of Fantasia and travel through time, as the hero can do this using an antique whistle that enables it to return for a 3-minute and change what he wants to change and then return to the present to see the effect of I did, and we are witnessing a difference between him Sound? Or is the similarity to the failure of the two work? The series of “pair notes” series “pair notes” is the experience of the star of Tarek Lotfi first in the family drama of the nature “Lite-Comedy”, as well as the 15th episode, and the lovers of Tarek Lotfi expect the success of work, especially with what he knew about the good selection of its roles. The series is quoted about a novel by name for Ahmed Bahgat, and the author of Mohammed Sulaiman Abdul Malik, and the Championship of Aisha bin Ahmed and Khaled Al-Sawal al-Shorbagi and Nour al-Nabawi, the sky of Abidin and others. “After its absence last year, the artist Mona Zaki returns through a short series entitled” Under the Truste “, participate in Diab and Nissreenin Amenurchi Shami, authoring Khaled and Sherine Diab, and directed by Mohammed Shaker Khdair. It is expected that action is expected to raise a lot of controversy over the social networking platforms because of the nature of his theme, and most of which may also raise the debate as last year with the series” Faten Hope Harbi “. The work is inspired by a real story The” need to see “a man in order to support her children. The Koran is stating that the series” Steamers “is” Steam “.” We will not see a lot of comparisons during the coming period. A series “Imam’s message” The only religious dynamic work is part of the Egyptian Ramadan drama this year, “The message of Imam” to Khaled al-Nabawi, and his disruption, the characteristics of Imam Shafi’i and the period he lived in Egypt. The idea of work has been contradictory between They see Khaled al-Nabawi a piercing star that is taking up with this role, and others found no commissioned with the nature of the actual religious, see which will be questioned? The series written by Mohammed Hisham Obay, and the removal of Al-Leith Hijo, and the Championship of Khaled Anwar and Khalid Al-Qhayish and Praise of Ail and ori quality. The series “The seventh” series “series” The Seventh “serial” is one of the most awaited dramas in Ramadan 2023 because of the crew of its successful drama, and is the author “listing” under the supervision of Mary Naoum and directed Tarek Al-Shennawi, Director “Khali Balk from Zizi” and “Cabin” and “Qain”, and the championship is the mother of Khalil, Ali Qassem, Names of Jalal and Mohammed Shaheen. Selection of “Change Joe Change” and “The Seven” Amina Khalil .. (15 episodes) Other serials of the 15 drama recalls, for example, not limited, dramatic series such as the series “Rashid” Riham Abdel Ghafour and Mohammed Mamdouh, the series “legitimate relationship” Yasser Jalal and Mai Omar, and the series “change atmosphere” by Shalabi, Iyad Nassar and Mervat Amin, and the series “Hazrat Al-Hadeed” Ruby and Samhah Ayoub, Ahmed Rizk and Abraham Issa, and Adel Adeeb. The list also includes the series “Fund” The Championship Ali Qassem, Ghadi Mufti, Ahmed Dash, and the series “Telt Talata” Championship Ghada Abdel Razek and Majed Al-Masri, next to some comedy such as the series “Kamel number” Championship Dina Sherbini and Sharif Salama and Athmar Younis and the directing Khaled Al-Halfawi, the series “revealed” revealed “Championships Mustafa Khater, Mohammed Abdul Rahman and Hadi. The series of Ramadan 2023 and women’s championships as usual, women’s drama sweeps the Ramadan series for several reasons, the most important number of first grade stars of actresses, and the second that social topics dealing with women issues are popular in recent years The advanced arranged within the most viewed business annually. The series “1000 Praise be to God for Safety” pursuant to the principle of research between the ancient books, as the star was pleased last year when she chose to submit a light comedian drama to earn the repatriation of this work, where the series of “happy dreams” played With Ghada Adel and Shaimaa Saif and Micky Kassab, I decided to see the same experience and new Lite-Comedy drama. The series of “1000 Praise be to God for Safety” is a group of representatives who succeeded with them and collected them as a clear chemistry and others we have themselves, and they recently famous, from these: Shaim Saif, and Man Sayed and Adam Sharkawi, Mohammed Tharwat, and the sky of Abraham. The series of “rare currency” despite the high observation ratios of the series “Faten Hope Warbi” last year, in the technical level, and there are many negative assessments, which places Nelly cream in trouble for the third consecutive year. This year, Nelly Karim dates back to the series “Rare Currency” in his first experience in Upper Drama, who is written by Medhat Al-Adl and directed by Mohammed Jamal al-Aid, shared by the star Ahmed Eid, which changes his skin completely away from comedy and offers a role Wicked for the first time, accompanied by heavy names such as Sulaiman and Kamal Abu Ria and Jumana Murad and unique Saif victory. The highest series forecasts watch the series “Canto Market” in Ramadan 2022 We saw the series “Daghmam Island” which was the most successful technical on the one hand because of the picture, output and love, and on the other one because of the great performance of its heroes. This is betting everyone on the series “Canto Market” being directed by Hussein Al Muniawe and Hani Sarhan, and the manager of the genius and a very sensitive eye. Championship for the prince of the prince of Karara and Mai Izz al-Din and Fatah Abdel Wahab, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Abdul Aziz Muqayoun, Sherine, Kamal Abu Ria, Jbeil and Mahawar. Events spin in an old period of time, as the prolongation between history and revolution is gathering on injustice and specifically English occupation with many social drama. The series of “Al Batha” in his first television experience, director Khaled Yousef series offers a story of the late writer Youssef Idris, a collective championship includes Ahmed Fahmy and Hussein Fahmy and Salah Abdullah and Ahmed Saham Saadani, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Kabil, Sheskaltia and a star struggle. The work of the work brings together two bags, the first in the past the time of the French campaign, and the second in the present, to see two parallel and meloded lines between the revolution of the two Egyptians and their defense for their homeland, and what is happening now. The series “Battalion 101” after a consecutive years of the series “choice” and other national serials, this year we will not see the same category “Battalion 101” which plays its first grade stars are Amr Yusuf and Yassin. The series revolves around a battalion from the Egyptian army costs to confront the tractis in Sinai, while the work of armed forces and their sacrifices in their lives are welcomed for safety and security.

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