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Reaction from Mohamed Ramadan after he slapped a North Coast fan

In the first reaction from the Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan after the spread of a video of him slapping a fan while on his summer vacation, the artist published a video on his Facebook page from the same place where the incident occurred.
During the video, Ramadan showed off his fan base, as fans gathered around him and tried to take memorial photos with him. Ramadan contented himself with publishing the video on his Facebook page without commenting on anything.
In the past few hours, social networking sites have been buzzing with a video clip showing the artist Mohamed Ramadan slapping a young man in the face.
In the video clip, Mohamed Ramadan appears surrounded by a number of admiring young men in one of the North Coast resorts, while Ramadan became angry at one of the young men and told him, “Give the mobile,” as he repeated the sentence more than once with clear severity towards the young man, then slapped him in the face.
But this time, the young man did not stand silent in shock. Rather, he immediately returned the slap to Muhammad Ramadan, amidst the astonishment of those around him.
The reason for this quarrel between the artist and the young man is not yet known, but some claimed that the young man took a picture of Ramadan as he passed by, which disturbed the latter and prompted him to request the “mobile phone” to delete the picture.
Social networking sites were also abuzz with this scene, as many expressed their anger towards the owner of “Number One”, and expressed their rejection of Mohamed Ramadan’s behavior towards a young fan, which is considered a great insult in public, while others expressed their support for the young man’s quick reaction, as he responded to the slap. The artist at the time relied on the principle of “an eye for an eye.”

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