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Real Madrid begins its season with the European Cup

Real Madrid managed to open its season by winning the European Super Cup at the expense of Eintracht Frankfurt, with a score of two to nothing.

He scored for Real Madrid Alaba in the 37th minute and Benzema in the 65th minute

In the second news, Manchester United players became increasingly angry at the actions of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who still doubts about his fate with the “Red Devils” in light of his desire to leave during the current summer transfers. From access to the current road, the dead end between it and the club.

In the Spanish League, veteran Barcelona defender Gerard Pique presented a solution to the management of his club, regarding the crisis of registering his new deals, in light of the inability of the Blaugrana to register its new players. One and he plays for free in order to help the Catalan club. But Barcelona rejected Pique’s proposal, and told Blaugrana officials that his salary would be reduced in line with the Financial Fair Play Law.

International and local news:

French club Olympique Marseille has officially revealed the signing of Chilean star Alexis Sanchez

– French star Paul Lugba, player of Juventus, expressed his solidarity with the children of Gaza, after the attacks launched by the Israeli forces on the Strip in the past days. Gaza, who are facing continuous attacks that have claimed the lives of many children, to be the first superstar in the world to support the children of Gaza.

A Croatian player decided to retire from football at the age of 23 in order to save his mother’s life. According to the network, Comsic decided to donate 70% of his liver to save his mother’s life, giving up his dream of continuing to play football.

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