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Real Madrid will not participate in the Club World Cup

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti announced that his Spanish team, Real Madrid, which won the Champions League title for the fifteenth time in its history, will not participate in the Club World Cup in its new, expanded format next year, for reasons related to the financial prizes that will be awarded by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).
Ancelotti said that he should forget (FIFA’s participation with Real Madrid). Players and clubs will not participate in this tournament. One match for Real Madrid is worth 20 million euros, and FIFA wants to give us this amount for the tournament.
Ancelotti’s position, which seems personal so far and without any official confirmation from the giant Spanish club, is different from what was recently issued by the Professional Footballers’ Association in England (BFA), which warned FIFA to resort to a strike after the players reached a “breaking point” due to the match schedule. Very intense.
FIFA is under increasing pressure to resolve the issue of fatigue suffered by elite players due to crowded matches, with the threat of legal action.
In a letter recently received by Swiss FIFA President Gianni Infantino, the World League and the International Players Association (FIFPro) called for a reconsideration of the schedule for the Club World Cup in its new format, on pain of initiating legal procedures.
According to the calendar, the Club World Cup is scheduled to be held between June 15 and July 13, 2025.
The letter added that these schedule changes resulted in “economic damage” to local leagues and pushed players “beyond their limits.”
The two associations said: “If FIFA refuses to formally commit to resolving the above issues in its next council, we will be forced to advise our members on the options available to them, individually and collectively, to proactively protect their interests.”
FIFA is accused of “continuing to make unilateral decisions that benefit its competitions and commercial interests, while negatively affecting the national leagues and players.” 
FIFA responds to this by saying that it will ensure the well-being and safety of players through its “harmonious” calendar.
The program of football matches will expand next season, as the Champions League and the European League “Europa League” will each witness eight matches for each team in the group stage, compared to six this season.
The number of clubs participating in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League will increase to 36 in each.

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