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Reasons for sacking Tuchel as Chelsea coach

And the American club, Todd Boley, owner of Chelsea club, explained the reasons for the dismissal of Tuchel. Chelsea announced last May that owner Roman Abramovich had reached an agreement with a consortium of businessmen led by American Todd Popeye to officially sell the club for 4.25 billion pounds. You have to make sure that you get along with the people who are running the company.”

“Tuchel is obviously very talented and has had a lot of success at Chelsea. Our vision for the club was to find a coach who really wanted to collaborate with us.”

He continued: “There are a lot of walls to break at Chelsea, before our arrival the first team and the academy did not share data and information with anyone about where the top players came from.”

He continued, “The fact of our decision was that we weren’t sure that Thomas saw it the same way we did. No one is right or wrong, we didn’t have a common vision for the future.”

“It was not about the Dinamo Zagreb match, it was about the shared vision of what we wanted Chelsea to be,” he continued.

He concluded: “It was not a decision that was taken because of one win or loss, but because we believe it is the right vision for the club.”

Chelsea scored with Tuchel

Tuchel took charge of Chelsea in January 2021, and with the Blues won the Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.
Tuchel, 49, coached Chelsea in 99 games, during which he scored 62 wins, 19 draws and 18 losses.
Chelsea scored 196 goals under Tuchel’s leadership and conceded 105 goals.

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