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Rebecca Grossman was sentenced to 15 years

A Los Angeles court sentenced social activist Rebecca Grossman to 15 years in prison for killing two children when she hit them with her car while they were crossing a crosswalk in 2020.

Grossman (61 years old), the owner of the “Grossman Burn” charity that supports fire survivors in America, was convicted of the murder of the two children, Mark Alexander, 11 years old, and his brother Jacob, 8 years old, and fleeing the scene of the accident, as she was driving her car very quickly, In Westlake Village, Los Angeles, on September 29, 2020.

The jury convicted Grossman of two counts of second-degree manslaughter using a motor vehicle and one count of fleeing the scene, with the prosecutor seeking a 34-year prison sentence.

According to what prosecutors said, Grossman was speeding behind a car driven by her lover at the time, former Los Angeles Dodgers player Scott Erickson, when she hit the boys. No charges were brought against Erickson in the case.

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