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Regional Economic Policy Talks between Assad and Putin

In Moscow, the Russian and Syrian Presidents discussed the files of several political, economic, regional and international talks.
Economic affairs affected a wide range of discussions by Presidents Assad and Putin. Discussion took place on the expansion of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and in-depth research into the basic files discussed at the follow-up meeting of the Syrian-Russian Joint Government Committee, held on the margins of the visit under the chairmanship of the Committee’s chairpersons from the Syrian and Russian sides.
In the political sphere, the changes and developments in the world have been examined, and the importance of continuing to build alliances and partnerships among States that share common principles and interests so that they can be an active force for their peoples and work to achieve security and economic stability in the face of Western policies based on disorder and sabotage, and to start wars with the aim of continuing to dominate and serve their narrow interests.
Regionally, the Presidents welcomed Saudi Arabia’s announcement and Iran’s resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries as a step that reflects positively on the region and the world.
Discussions between the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and the Ministers of Defence were held on the sidelines of the Presidents’ discussions.

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