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Resigned Facebook employee exposes the company

A resigned Facebook employee who leaked internal company documents exposed the goals of the Facebook founders, and the methods they use to achieve their profit goals.
The resigned employee, Frances Haugen, confirmed during a hearing before the US Congress, that there are 600,000 children’s accounts on Facebook, considering that this is not permissible.
She added that Facebook knows that there are accounts for children under the age of 13 on its site, and that it reaps huge profits from the advertisements that children use.
The resigned employee confirmed that Facebook and its artificial intelligence technology do not help get rid of harmful content, despite saying to the contrary.
In this context, she said: “There is a series of measures that confirmed that Facebook chose financial profit at the expense of the public interest.”
“The company’s management knows ways to make Facebook and Instagram safer, but it won’t make the necessary changes because it puts its huge profits before people’s interests,” she added.

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