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Results of 7 out of 15 electoral districts in Lebanon

The results of the Lebanese parliamentary elections were released in 7 out of 15 electoral districts in the country, after the votes were counted.
And the districts are “First Mount Lebanon – Second South – Third Bekaa – Second Bekaa – Third Mount Lebanon – Baabda”, in addition to two other districts.
The Minister of Interior, Bassam Mawlawi, stated that the participation rate in the five constituencies was 41%.
Moloy considered the elections to be “successful”, and believed that “the percentage of impurities is very few in proportion to the number of electoral districts,” denying rumors of missing ballot boxes in some districts.
The results announced so far decided the competition for 49 seats distributed over 7 electoral districts.
The most important thing that was revealed by the currently announced results was the advance of the forces and the retreat of Hezbollah’s allies.

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