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Revealing the details of the murder of an Egyptian broadcaster in a hideous way

The Egyptian security services arrested the main suspect in the murder of the Egyptian media, Shaima Gamal, after he was found hiding in a location in the Egyptian Suez Governorate.

In the details, the accused, who is the victim’s husband and works as a judge, had lured his wife to a remote farm in the Badrashin area of ​​the Suez Governorate, after he convinced her that he had bought her the farm, which he had previously rented for this purpose. who was buried on the same farm with the help of his friend.

The story is on the lips of the offender’s friend, who, about two days after the incident, submitted himself to the local authorities and submitted his testimony about the crime, claiming that he was a witness to it and nothing more, and that the offender detained and threatened him for not exposing the matter, but he managed to escape later.

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