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Revealing the first players Barcelona will seek to sign next month

The specialized sports newspaper “El Mundo Deportivo” reported on the first two players that Barcelona will seek to sign during the current winter transfers, which begin next month.
According to the newspaper, the Catalan club will push hard to complete the contract with the Portuguese duo, right-back Joao Cancelo and left-winger Joao Felix, who are playing for Barça on loan until the end of the current season, 2024.
According to the report, Barcelona is supposed to submit an offer of 40 million euros to include Felix from Atletico Madrid, which aspires to obtain a price exceeding 80 million.
While Barca will be willing to pay 15 million euros to include Cancelo from Manchester City, who wants to get 25 million.
Barcelona is seeking to complete the contract with the two stars quickly to avoid a rise in their prices during the summer transfer season, and hopes that the desire of both players to be in the ranks of Barcelona will resolve the situation and facilitate the negotiation process.

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