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Revolutionary tests to detect many types of cancer cells through blood analysis

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, reported that scientists in the United States are working on a blood test that detects 50 types of cancer, and it has shown “promising results” in early experiments.
According to the newspaper’s source, scientists at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York conducted research on a blood test called “Gallery”, which uses a single swab to search for a signal from many types of cancer, including those that affect the breasts, lungs and kidneys.
The scientists found that the test succeeded in detecting 35 cases of cancer, but, in contrast, 57 other people were misdiagnosed.

The research concluded that the “Gallery” test holds “great promises” in detecting cancers, which are currently only discovered in advanced stages of the disease.
According to the newspaper, the “Gallery” test is currently available by prescription for $949 per box.
The results of the research come just one day after US President Joe Biden revealed plans to halve cancer deaths, to 300,000 per year by 2042, and Biden revealed that he hopes to do so by allocating millions of dollars to develop blood tests for cancers.

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