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Rita Harb in a program for dating and finding love

The reality TV program “Qisma wa Nasib” begins tonight with star Rita Harb on the program’s YouTube channel.

The “Qismet and Naseeb” program, whose entire episodes were filmed in Turkey, brings together a group of young men and women from all Arab countries on an isolated island, with the aim of getting to know each other and finding true love, with one winning couple being celebrated at the end of the program and being given a financial prize of $30,000. American.

Harb excited the audience to follow the program and discover her diaries with the participants in Love Island, as she said: “My experience in the program “Qisma wa Naseeb” means a lot to me, especially since I supported the participants through my personal and life experience. I also learned a lot from them and spent enjoyable times that I will never forget, and I hope that they will reap The program received positive feedback and was admired by the audience.”

It should be noted that the program “Division and Share” was directed by Volkan Gultekin, supervised by Burak Bayrakdar, and produced by M Networks, a subsidiary of the Turkish company Melon Digital & Merzigo, and will be shown from Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm Lebanon and Saudi Arabia time.

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