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Rouhani: The era of extremism and extremism is over

Outgoing Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that “the time for extremism and extremism is over,” noting that the way to save the country is balance and constructive interaction.
In a speech to him in a meeting with senior managers in his government today, Monday, he said, “What I was thinking of in 2013 as a way to solve the country’s problems is what I think of today, without increasing or decreasing, which is that balance and constructive interaction is the way to save the country.”
He also added: “Today, after 8 years of experience, I repeat that balance at home and abroad, and constructive interaction with the inside and outside as well, are the paths to success, and therefore we will not reach a result through extremism or through offending each other.”
Rouhani touched on aspects of the difficult circumstances his government went through, and its efforts to provide what citizens need, in addition to its diplomatic efforts in lifting 7 international resolutions that were imposed on the Iranian people, describing this as “not an easy job.”
Rouhani continued, saying, “What Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the Iranian delegation negotiating (in the Iranian nuclear agreement) did was not a simple act, and some were even desperate to achieve any result, but it was actually achieved,” noting that “Resolution 2231 annulled 7 resolutions.” related to Chapter VII.
The inauguration ceremony of the new Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, is scheduled to take place next Thursday, in the presence of dignitaries and foreign delegations.

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