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Rumors of death haunted Syrian artists in 2022

The death rumors spread by some artistic accounts on social media, many of the most prominent stars of the Syrian drama, increased during the year 2022, which affected many stars with astonishment and astonishment in terms of pursuing these rumors to them and the goals aimed at by those who launched them.

And the Syrian star Ayman Zidan is one of the most famous stars who were followed by rumors of death and disease for various reasons, including a heart attack, stroke, or great sadness over the separation of his son. He confirms that it is unfounded, surprising the goals of promoters and launchers of such news.

The same rumors also affected the able Syrian star Duraid Lahham, and social media circulated news of the death of the artist Duraid Lahham, as a result of a severe heart attack that led to his admission to the hospital, and he died during a heart surgery.

However, the Syrian Artists Syndicate denied the rumor of the death of the great artist Duraid Lahham at the time, noting that the news circulating in this regard are just rumors by saying: “The distinguished artist Duraid Lahham is fine and in good health, praise be to God, and we confirm that any news that does not come from the Artists Syndicate is a rumor.”

Also, the Syrian star Rashid Assaf was not spared from the rumors that affected his life, as the Syrian star Rashid Assaf was surprised at the time by the news circulating about his death, which spread extensively through social networking sites.

Rashid explained that he learned of the news from friends and lovers who contacted him to check on him after the rumor of his death spread.

The Syrian artist, Salloum Haddad, was the last of the artists to be affected by rumors of death, as many social media platforms circulated news a few days ago that the Syrian artist, Salloum Haddad, had passed away, so that the Syrian Artists Syndicate denied what was being promoted.

The syndicate said through its account: “The distinguished fellow artist, Salloum Haddad, is a thousand good, and everything that is said about the colleague is a rumor, and please do not circulate any news if it is not issued by the Artists Syndicate, and thank you.”

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