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Russia accuses Biden of quoting Putin’s words

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova revealed the false quotation of US President Joe Biden from Vladimir Putin’s words on the “nuclear threat” as “inappropriate”.

The diplomacy made clear. As for the speech of the President of the United States, I consider that it began in a totally inappropriate manner. It is not appropriate because they have nothing to do or have no right to touch other countries. Rather, he began by misquoting Putin’s words. As we always do, we’re starting to double-check Biden’s words. Biden said exactly that, but the president of Russia didn’t say that.”

Zakharova also stressed that the US president “reinforced what is being reported by the American media.”

It also concluded that “this is an applied propaganda link that is being imposed on the public and public opinion, contrary to what has already been said.”

Whereas, the previous night, Biden, speaking from the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly, said the Russian president had publicly threatened to use nuclear weapons, and thus Moscow was ignoring the non-proliferation regime.

This statement came a few hours after Putin’s speech to citizens, in which he said that the West has crossed all lines in anti-Russian rhetoric and that constant threats are being directed at Russia. The president stressed that the West is using nuclear blackmail. Putin reminded the United States and its NATO allies that Russia is superior in some respects to foreign military equipment, and warned those trying to threaten our country with nuclear weapons that “the winds may turn in their direction.”

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