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Russia deals a heavy blow to Europe

An American media report revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had dealt a blow to the most vulnerable point of the leaders of the European Union countries.

According to the report, Putin dealt a blow to European leaders in their electoral rating.

We will also hold elections in the major economies of Europe as the next winter approaches, when the shortage of Russian gas in European homes and businesses will be more severe.

Germany, which relies heavily on Russian gas supplies, will start its electoral test in October, with regional elections in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Italy, another major importer of Russian gas, faces nationwide elections in the middle of next year.

According to the article, this will be the most difficult test for the current leaders of European countries, and it will be extremely difficult for them to achieve the desired results against the background of people’s dissatisfaction with the sharp increase in energy costs.

The article also notes that European governments are forced to increase spending to cushion the blow on consumers. Thus, French President Macron agreed to allocate 28 billion euros for purposes aimed at reducing natural gas prices and offering discounts on gasoline.

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