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Russia displays its helicopters at the Dubai exhibition

The Russian company, “Rostec”, announced today, Wednesday, that it will display a record number of its latest helicopter models at the 2021 Dubai International Air Show.
Rostec Military Industries published a statement on its official website saying that it will, for the first time in the history of the Russian helicopter industry, display its complete models at the Dubai Airshow 2021.

The statement indicated that the company plans to offer 6 types of military aircraft and helicopters so that the guests can see the most prominent and latest Russian military industries.

The statement enumerated the most important models that will be displayed, including Ka-226-T military helicopters and the light multi-role Ansat aircraft, in addition to Ka-52 and Mi-28 helicopters and a Mi multirole helicopter. -171″.

The statement indicated that the Dubai exhibition, which will be held from November 14-18, will present a modern Mi-28NY helicopter for the first time, in addition to displaying modern military helicopters.

The Dubai Airshow 2021 is considered one of the first foreign aviation exhibitions during the pandemic, as many are preparing to surprise the guests and participants of the Dubai Airshow, and Rostec is no exception. Russian companies will present a large number of new products, including the most exciting.

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