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Russia, European demands for calm decreased

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed that Western demands for organizing initiatives aimed at calming the situation in Ukraine have decreased, noting that “sooner or later common sense will prevail and the turn of negotiations will come, before which Kyiv will have to accept Russia’s conditions.”

Commenting on the aggressive statements of Western leaders, Peskov said:

Now the demand (by the West) for initiatives to calm the situation has decreased. But we have no doubt that common sense will prevail sooner or later. And again the turn of negotiations will come, during which the Ukrainians will have to understand, once again, all our conditions. They know her well. They agree to it, and they sit at the (negotiating) table.”

Peskov also noted that European leaders may have different views on recent events in the world, but they often lack the power and internal sovereignty to be guided only by their own interests, noting that this is the way Western countries inflict damage on themselves.

Still, European leaders said, they put their countries behind them, against their own. And they may actually have different points of view. We note this very well, but we also note that, unfortunately, they often lack the strength and internal sovereignty by which they are guided only by their own interests.”

Peskov continued, “Sometimes they (Western leaders) have to drag themselves behind the mainstream of the collective West, even at their expense. They are harming themselves. They are harming the people who elected them.”

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