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Russia is working with Italy to solve the gas supply problem

The Russian company, “Gazprom”, revealed today, Saturday, that the company is working with the Italian side to solve the problem of supplying gas through Austria.

In a statement, Gazprom said, “The transportation of Russian gas under the contracts of Gazprom for export through Austria has been suspended due to the Austrian operator’s refusal to confirm the transfer nominations.”

The statement explained that the suspension of supply operations was “caused by the regulatory changes that took place in Austria at the end of September”.

The Russian company also concluded its statement: “Gazprom is working to solve the problem with Italian buyers.”

The Italian Energy Company also announced that the Russian company, Gazprom, notified it in a statement stating that it was impossible to transport gas to Italy via Austria on Saturday.

Eni’s statement said: “Gazprom” stated that it could not confirm the quantities of gas required today, Saturday, due to the announcement that it was impossible to transport gas through Austria, and therefore the flow of Russian gas destined for Eni through the Tarvisio checkpoint would be at zero.

The Italian energy company also added that it will provide new information if gas supplies are resumed.

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