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Russia: priority is the sovereignty of Syria

The official spokesman for the Russian presidency, Dmitry Peskov, revealed today, Wednesday, that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria are a priority for Russia.

Peskov told reporters: “First of all, Russian-Syrian relations are at the forefront [of discussion topics], cooperation in the context of Syria’s post-war reconstruction, and the continuation of the Syrian settlement, as such, including in all aspects, emphasizing the absolute priority of Syria’s sovereignty and integrity.” regional”.

He added that during the meeting of the two presidents, “of course, the issue of Syrian-Turkish relations will be discussed.”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, on Tuesday, where he is scheduled to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This was the last visit that Assad made to Russia in September 2021, and then the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Al-Miqdad, said that the next meeting between the two presidents would be held when needed.

Last December, Moscow also hosted a meeting that brought together the defense ministers of Russia, Syria and Turkey, during which ways to solve the Syrian crisis and joint efforts to combat terrorism were discussed.

This was the first official meeting held at a ministerial level that brought together Turkey and Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in 2011 and the resulting tension in relations between the two neighbors.

Preparations were also made for a meeting that includes the foreign ministers of Syria, Russia and Turkey, to resolve the outstanding differences between Ankara and Damascus, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced later that Iran could join the planned high-level talks between Syria, Russia and Turkey.

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