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Russia stops supplying gas to a number of European countries

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen revealed that Russia deliberately cut off gas supplies to 12 European Union countries.

This did not specify the countries you are talking about. Von der Leyen did not rule out a complete halt to the flow of Russian gas and urged preparations for “more disruptions”.

It also described Moscow’s actions as an energy war, which in its own words creates difficulties for the residents of European countries. The Russian gas company, “Gazprom”, announced, last Monday, that it had stopped operating another turbine of “Siemens”, which is used at the Portovaya plant of the “North Stream-1” pipeline. due to maintenance work.

As a result of Gazprom’s decision, gas supply operations through the “Northern Stream” pipeline, starting on July 27, did not exceed 33 million cubic meters of gas per day, or up to 20% of the station’s capacity.

Moscow has also repeatedly stressed that the restriction of supply operations is due solely to Western sanctions imposed on Russia, which have caused problems with the repair of gas pumping units.

In Europe, from time to time they declare that turbine problems cannot be the real cause of low gas flow.

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