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Russia: Those wishing to cooperate with BRICS are growing significantly

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that the number of those wishing to cooperate with BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is growing steadily, and the circle of thinking similar to Moscow and Beijing is expanding around the world.
Lavrov made this statement during his talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the sidelines of the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod.
Lavrov also said that this city is actively cooperating with the People’s Republic of China, including “in implementation of the very useful Volga-Yangsti project,” and added: “At a recent meeting in Astana, we exchanged impressions about the results of the Russian project, and the heads of state indicated the main directions for moving forward.” ahead”.
He continued: “We have a special responsibility to pay attention to foreign policy coordination, primarily in the United Nations and its Security Council, the BRICS group, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the G20, APEC and other multilateral platforms, and it is viewed positively by the majority of countries.” The world is increasingly growing, and the circle of those wishing to cooperate with both BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is growing.”
Lavrov also stressed that in the first ministerial meeting after the expansion of BRICS, these trends will be discussed and the paths required for further development of the association will be determined, which will be recommended to the heads of BRICS member states at the Kazan summit next October.
The two sides, Russian and Chinese, drew attention to certain aspects of the new security structure in Eurasia against the backdrop of the United States’ formation of closed military structures. Lavrov said: “The two ministers objectively discussed issues of ensuring security and stability in the Asia-Pacific region, taking into account the American approach of “In creating closed military-political structures there with anti-Russian and anti-Chinese tendencies, certain aspects of the new security structure in Eurasia were addressed against the background of the stagnation of Euro-Atlantic mechanisms.”
The Russian Minister also indicated that the BRICS countries are actively working to develop a platform for settlements in national currencies during mutual trade, as he said: “Active work is underway to implement the decisions of the Johannesburg Summit last year, especially with regard to improving the international monetary and financial system, and developing a platform for settlements.” in national currencies in mutual trade.”

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