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Russian condition on America !!

Amidst declared and

undeclared tension between Russia and America, and coinciding with the tension in relations between several countries and Moscow, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that improving Moscow’s relations with Washington requires the existence of a mutual political will.

During a press statement, Peskov responded to a question about improving relations, saying: “There is a need for mutual political will. President (Vladimir) Putin has repeatedly demonstrated his political will, and said that we are interested in improving and restoring relations with the United States.”

In response to a question about whether Moscow, on its part, has done everything in its power to move to dialogue, Peskov said: “Moscow did not do anything that would harm our relations … Moscow was not the first to worsen these relations and bring them to the way they are now.” Pointing out that the US’s statements about its willingness to hold a dialogue do not coincide with its real actions that harm bilateral relations

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