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Russian forces advance, Zelensky admits

In a letter to European Union leaders, Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged the advance of Russian forces, demanding that the West “do everything to protect the front.”

Zelensky said in a speech, the text of which was published on the website of the Presidential Office: “Now the Russian army feels its strength in almost everything related to the armed element, and precisely thanks to this advantage… they are pressing us on the front and gradually advancing.”

European leaders demanded weapons: missiles, equipment, drones, and “everything to protect the front.”

In addition, Zelensky criticized EU countries for delays in the delivery of artillery shells promised by the EU to Ukraine.

He added: “Unfortunately, we have not yet seen the million artillery shells from the European Union that we talked about so much.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, US President Joe Biden called on Congress (the legislative authority) to approve his request to help Israel and Ukraine, warning that “Moscow’s victory will bring Russia unprecedentedly closer to NATO’s borders.”

Earlier, the British newspaper “The Times” indicated that the unfavorable situation on the battlefield in Kiev is forcing the West to prepare for a “catastrophic defeat” for the Ukrainian forces, which lack weapons and ammunition.

Russia believes that arms supplies to Ukraine are inconsistent with the settlement, and directly involves NATO countries in the conflict

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