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Russian steps for nuclear deterrence towards America

The Russian Information Agency announced today, citing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that Moscow may take steps in the field of nuclear deterrence if the United States deploys medium- and short-range missiles in Europe and Asia.
Lavrov had confirmed that Russia would consider supplying Ukraine with F-16 fighters to be a deliberate nuclear threat by NATO, and that these aircraft would be destroyed, as would be the case with other weapons transferred to the Ukrainian armed forces.
Lavrov said that since the F-16 fighters have for many years formed the basis of the aircraft fleet used in NATO’s so-called ‘joint nuclear missions’, we can only consider the supply of these systems to the Kiev regime as a deliberate signal by NATO in the nuclear field. .
He added: “They are trying to show us that the United States and NATO are prepared for virtually anything in Ukraine.”
The minister pointed out that the appearance of these fighters will not change the situation on the combat line of contact, and that they will be destroyed, as is the fate of the weapons supplied to Ukraine.

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