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Russia’s envoy visits Saudi Arabia for Syrian affairs

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz received in Riyadh today the special envoy of the Russian President for Syrian settlement affairs, Alexander Lavrentiev.
During the reception, the two sides discussed aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries, and reviewed the developments of events in Syria, according to the Saudi Press Agency published today, Thursday.
The reception was attended by Minister of State, Cabinet Member, National Security Adviser, Musaed bin Muhammad Al-Aiban, and Chief of General Intelligence Khalid bin Ali Al-Humaidan.
On the Russian side, the envoy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department, Ambassador Alexander Kinshak, also attended.
Earlier, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Bashar al-Jaafari revealed the reality of official communication between Syria and Saudi Arabia, stressing that “Riyadh is still implementing a non-Arab agenda.”
Al-Jaafari said, “Saudi policy is still dependent on the American Western agenda,” stressing that “Syria is too big to deal with a Saudi employee here or there,” referring to the statements of the Saudi representative to the United Nations, Abdullah Al-Mouallimi, in which he attacked Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. .
He also denied any official contact between the two countries, saying: “Some security meetings took place, but they did not lead to anything, but officially there are no contacts at all.”

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