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Russia’s oil embargo angers France

A media report revealed a wave of anxiety prevailing in the French street after the European Union leaders agreed on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes the gradual imposition of an embargo on oil imports from Russia.

This is due to the feeling of anxiety in the French street due to fear of the dangers of rising fuel prices, according to a report by the “France 2” TV channel.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that by the end of the year, the European Union will effectively reduce its imports of Russian oil by 90 percent, and the sixth package will include a ban on Russian oil imported by sea while the sanctions do not include the Druzhba pipeline.

The channel also indicated in its report that “this sixth package of sanctions against Russia will hit purchasing power. The French are already preparing.”

The French expressed, through the channel, their concern about the dangers of rising gasoline prices. One local motorist said he was “not at all happy” with the prospect of higher fuel prices. Another French national said: “I drive a car every day and have to fill a full tank at least once a week, so, of course, it’s really expensive for me. If it goes up to a higher level, it will be difficult.”

Celine Antonin, an economist at the French Center for Economic Studies, said in an interview with the channel, that there is no doubt that the price of a liter of gasoline will rise in the coming weeks. And she warned that “the price of a barrel (of oil) could rise to 130-150 dollars. And then prices at the gas station could rise to 2.2-2.3. This is possible.”

On Monday, European Union leaders agreed to a partial ban on oil imports from Russia, according to European Council President Charles Michel.

The President of the European Council wrote on his Twitter account: “Agreement has been reached on the ban on the import of Russian oil into the European Union. This immediately affects two-thirds of oil imports from Russia.”

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