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Saad Lamjarred and Elissa, what’s new?

Moroccan star and singer Saad Lamjarred revealed the first photo he collected with Lebanese singer Elissa from the scenes of preparing for their new song “From the First Minute”, exciting about the release date of their new song.

And through his account on Instagram, Saad Lamjarred published a picture in which he appeared cuddling Elissa and attached it to a post in which he revealed the date of the song’s release, saying: “From the first minute of your love, my heart is money… You knew how to change every case. On Wednesday, May 4, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Morocco time.

Elissa had previously published a photo in which she appeared with an unknown person, in order to promote her song “From the First Minute”, and her followers guessed the identity of the man with whom the photo was taken, and most of them were likely to be Saad who would sing with her.

Also, Elissa had recently stated during her stay as a guest on the “Stages” program with the media, Ali Al-Olayani, that she is preparing to release her new album soon, but that she will release a solo song in the form of a duet, which she will collect with a Moroccan artist on Eid al-Fitr.

Elissa’s statement regarding this duet was widely circulated through social networking sites, and some activists suggested that the artist who will cooperate with him (Queen of Sensation) in this work is the artist Saad Lamjarred, especially since she met him recently during her visit to the French city of Paris.

Elissa is currently in Paris, where she shared with her followers on Instagram, two photos of her from the City of Lights, in which she appeared with a number of her friends, including the cosmetic expert Bassam Fattouh and the executive producer of her latest album, Jean Nakhoul, and attached them to this comment: “Good morning from the city of love.”

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