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The Lebanese government was formed after rounds of hit and run, where the threads of control returned to Mikati’s court, so the story went back to its beginning with the fourteenth part of (The Government and the Forty Thieves series).

There is nothing new.. no electricity.. no water.. no medicine.. no money.. and no reasons for the continuation of life, so everyone decided to resort to silent suicide, where silence about the truth became an opportunity for survival under the cloak of some dependency.. and what next!!

The Lebanese pound has not collapsed yet!!!! But the collapse became near within a few weeks, and all we see now are fabricated events described as topical analgesics, and as soon as their effect ends, the pain of the incurable disease will return more powerful.

We are not in a scenario similar to Venezuela, but we are at the gates of an unparalleled hell, and the tragedies we see daily are only the beginning of a major tragedy that overthrows the rest of human life.

As for the lira’s disaster, it will not stop at the borders of the Lebanese currency, but rather the disaster will sweep other countries globally, because the reality that is closest to getting is the shaking of the world’s economy, where there are many reasons for the loaf of the poor to remain a price without shame.

The solution will not be the formation of a government and the dismissal of another because the logical solutions have expired.

Especially in light of capitalism and feudalism, whose events we have been witnessing with complete clarity since the beginning of the Lebanese crisis.

We will not achieve salvation until we completely overthrow those regimes.

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