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Samira Said celebrates her birthday, how many?

Moroccan Diva Samira Said celebrates her 64th birthday differently this time, as she appeared in a youthful look suitable for the celebration, and published through her account on “Instagram” a new photo session of her on the communication sites and also sent a message through which to the public.
Samira Saeed surprised the audience with a youthful “look” and a lively and youthful photo session on her 64th birthday, where the photos received great interaction from the audience and admiration for her rejuvenation, which she still maintains despite being over sixty by four years.

Samira received many congratulations from the audience, who published their greetings to her through the storyboard feature (Instagram story), in addition to many of her star friends commenting on the photos, including the artist Hend Sabry, Mona Zaki, Menna Shalaby and others.
“Said” sent a message to the public on the occasion of her birthday, and commented on her new photos and said: “Every day I wake up in good health, I say, praise be to God… Tomorrow I will turn 64.” The audience also interacted with Samira Said’s message and revealed her real age in her comment.

As for technically, the artist Samira Said is preparing several new songs for the new year, as she recently announced that she had recorded several songs to be released in the coming period, similar to last year, from which she released several songs throughout the year, including the song “Mon Cheri” and “Two at Night”. And “Labyrinth” and “I love with you” and other songs, and among the songs expected to be released in the coming period is a song called “Robot”.

Samira Saeed had also concluded the year 2021 by releasing her last song “The Sweet Time” on her YouTube channel, which is considered her latest work. She appeared with Yousra, Angham, Mohamed Mounir, Hani Shaker and a number of stars, and presented her new song at the Christmas party, which included a number of Capricorn stars, including Samira Saeed.

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