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SAMSUNG unseats APPLE at the top of the digital phone industry amid the industry’s continued recovery

Data for the first quarter of the current year 2024 witnessed remarkable progress for the technology giant SAMSUNG with regard to the digital phone industry, at the expense of its largest competitor, Apple.

Data from the American market research company ADC showed that Samsung sold 60.1 million phones during the first quarter of this year, while its competitor Apple sold about 50.1 million devices, bringing the share of both companies in the global market to $20.8 for Samsung, and 17.3% for Apple. As the largest suppliers of smart devices.

Also, the smartphone market across the world recorded a remarkable recovery during the first quarter of the year, increasing by 7.8% with about 289.4 million phone devices sold around the world during the first three months of the year, and Xiaomi, Transition, and Oppo occupied third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively. , in the global market.

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