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Sanctions on Russia cause global crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the sanctions imposed on Russia largely cause the global economic crisis, adding that the continuation of Western obsession with sanctions will lead to consequences that are difficult to predict.
“It is self-evident that, based on economic laws, the continuation of the sanctions mania will inevitably lead to more complex and intractable consequences for the European Union and its citizens, as well as for the poorest countries in the world that are already facing the threat of starvation,” Putin said.
He also continued, “These sanctions have triggered a global crisis and those responsible for them are guided by myopia, political ambitions and russophobia, which harms their national interests, their economies and the well-being of their citizens. We see this, first of all, in the sharp rise in inflation in Europe.”
Putin also noted that “Russia is dealing with the sanctions policy pursued by the West, that inflation is gradually slowing down, and the ruble is rising.” Noting the need to “support consumer demand and guarantee the income of Russians.”
In his speech, Putin noted that the Soviet Union defeated the Nazis not only on the front, but also in the economy. He said: We recently celebrated Victory Day. And I would like to remind you that it was achieved not only in the battles on the fronts, but also due to the economic strength of our country.

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