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Saudi airport distributes gifts

Travelers through King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia were surprised by special gifts offered to them by the airport administration while they were passing through it.
The airport administration and Jeddah Airports Company launched an initiative to distribute 15,000 seedlings of plants to travelers and airport goers.

The airport administration confirmed, according to what was reported by the Saudi “citizen’s website”, that these gifts come in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in protecting the environment and limiting the phenomenon of desertification, and the initiative launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, “Green Saudi Arabia.”

The Director General of King Abdulaziz Airport, Issam bin Fouad Nour, said, “The initiative depends on distributing seedlings of special plants that were produced in the airport nursery, which is the largest nursery in the Kingdom’s airports. It nourishes the airport with an area of ​​three million square meters, and contains 500 types of plants and various crops.” .

He pointed out that the airport nursery has trees of specific types that do not consume much water.

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