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Saudi Arabia announces: We will end the Qatar crisis in 24 hours … with this condition ??

While Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, tries to achieve a final victory before leaving the White House, and it seems that his victory plan is emerging on his visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar this week …

According to US and Gulf officials, the main goal of this visit is to resolve the dispute between Qatar and the Saudi-led coalition …

On this news, the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, Ambassador Abdullah Al-Muallami, commented, saying: “We have repeatedly said that the crisis with Qatar could end in 24 hours, if Qatar announces its retreat from previous positions, its support for terrorists, and its granting of the media platform to extremist parties. On its interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries “…

Adding: “If Qatar declares this and abides by it, then the problem will be solved. There is no fateful or existential dispute between us and Qatar. We are one people and one country, and the Qatari brothers are an extension of the Kingdom and the Kingdom is an extension of them, so there is no justification for a permanent rupture in this regard, but the behavior of the Qatari leadership.” And it is the Qatari government at the present time that stands a stumbling block to such reconciliation. “

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