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Saudi Arabia denied issuing a warning to the “G7” against confiscating Russian assets

Today, the Saudi Ministry of Finance denied that the Kingdom had warned the G7 countries against confiscating Russian assets, and that it had threatened to sell European bonds, and stressed that its relationship with the G7 countries enjoys mutual respect.
This denial came in response to a previous report by “Bloomberg,” in which sources said that Saudi Arabia “indicated in particular, earlier this year, that it might sell some of its holdings of European debt, if the Group of Seven countries decided to confiscate approximately Of $300 billion in frozen Russian assets.
Since the start of the special Russian military operation in Ukraine, in February 2022, the European Union and the G7 have frozen about half of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves amounting to about 300 billion euros, and there are about 200 billion euros in the European Union, most of them in the Belgian “Euroclear” accounts, which are… One of the largest settlement systems in the world.
The Russian Foreign Ministry described the freezing of Russian assets in Europe as theft
Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Russia would respond if frozen Russian assets in the West were confiscated. According to his statements, the Russian Federation also has the opportunity not to return funds held by Western countries in Russia

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