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Saudi Arabia enters cinema through the wide door

Saudi Arabia is beginning to build a world-class major studio in the AlUla region as part of the country’s historical growth of the film infrastructure.
The new studio will consist of two phases of 24,000 square feet, production offices and film complexes, according to a report by Forbes.
Stephen Strachan, Commissioner of Film Management at the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, said during his participation in the Cannes Film Festival: “We are keen to support local production, but we are also attracting more international productions to Al-Ula, and building a studio will help us achieve this.”
He also explained, “We have already obtained permission to build the studio and are currently planning to build, with the goal of opening the studio by February 2023, and we want to shoot there throughout the year.”
A resort-style complex is also being built about 15 minutes away, to support the studio infrastructure, and the complex will feature around 300 units mixed between accommodation and offices to assist and accommodate production, and studio staff.
AlUla is very popular in the region, with 639 shooting days recorded from January to March 2022 as the area has stunning terrain as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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