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Saudi Arabia plans the largest building in the world

Informed sources indicated that Saudi Arabia plans to construct the largest building in the world within the $500 billion NEOM project.
The agency quoted the sources as saying that the Kingdom plans to build two skyscrapers, each about 500 meters high, but extending horizontally for dozens of miles.
The sources added that the skyscrapers will include a mixture of residential, commercial and office spaces, and will extend from the Red Sea coast linearly into the desert.
The sources considered that the current idea is a transformation from the concept announced last year to build a series of buildings linked to an underground high-speed railway, to a single, long and connected structure.
As current and former NEOM employees said, the designers were directed to work on a prototype half a mile long.
The agency also stated that if implemented according to this scheme, these buildings would be the largest ever in the world.
And Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said last year that building the “The Line” project, which will be the first implementation of the concept of linear, car-free cities and will form the backbone of NEOM – could cost up to $200 billion, although that was before Change the plan to include giant horizontal buildings.
In turn, the CEO of NEOM, Nazmi Al-Nasr, said, “The Line project is an out-of-the-ordinary idea. What we will present when we are ready will be very well received, and will be seen as a revolutionary achievement.”
Al-Nasr added that the buildings will be “at different heights”, adapting to the landscape, with their final size determined according to engineering and terrain considerations.

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