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Saudi Arabia sends a request to the international community

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed that the international community and the Security Council have taken firm measures against the “Ansar Allah” group in Yemen, stressing that they impede all peace efforts seeking to reach a comprehensive political solution.
The Deputy Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, Counselor Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Ateeq, said during a speech before the UN Security Council on the discussion under the item “The Situation in the Middle East,” that “the absence of firm measures towards this Iranian-backed militia is what gave it space.” greater harm to the Yemeni people, destabilize the security and stability of the region, and significantly affect international peace and security.
He also added: “The terrorist Houthi militia confirms, day after day, its indifference to the aspirations of the brotherly Yemeni people and the stability of Yemen, and its subversive role in threatening the stability of the region and international peace and security,” noting that “the biggest evidence of this is its continued threat to the safety of international navigation and the use of objects.” Civilian and Yemeni ports to destabilize the security of the region and attack civilians in the Kingdom and the UAE, the latest of which was the cowardly terrorist attack that targeted Abu Dhabi International Airport, and the hijacking of the Emirati ship Rawabi.
He also reiterated the Kingdom’s full standing with the UAE in the face of everything that threatens its security and stability and the importance of confronting the danger of this terrorist group and its continuous threat to stability in the region and the world, drawing attention to the Kingdom’s right to take all necessary measures, in accordance with its obligations in accordance with international law to respond. On all terrorist practices and acts to which it is exposed by this Iranian-backed terrorist militia.
And the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia announced, last Monday, the interception and destruction of 8 drones throughout the day, which were launched towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The coalition added, “We are following the threat of hostile attacks using drones in the air.”
This comes hours after a sudden attack on the territory of the Emirates, where the Abu Dhabi Police announced the death of 3 people and the injury of 6 others in the explosion of oil tanks in the Musaffah area, after an attack believed to have occurred using drones.
Abu Dhabi Police confirmed, in a statement carried by the official news agency, that a fire broke out, which led to an explosion in 3 petroleum tanks transporting petroleum… near ADNOC’s tanks… and a minor fire accident occurred in the new construction area at Abu Dhabi International Airport.
And the “Ansar Allah” group in Yemen announced, on Monday evening, the targeting of the Dubai and Abu Tabbi airports and important sensitive sites in the UAE with ballistic missiles and drones.

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