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Saving a ship from sinking in the last moments

Marine rescue units of the Suez Canal Authority in Egypt were able to save the cargo ship LABATROS from complete sinking.

The Egyptian rescue teams rescued its 12-member naval crew, in a quick response to the ship’s distress call immediately after it entered the northern waiting area for ships at the entrance to Port Said’s draft and before it joined the northern convoy to cross the Suez Canal.

Immediately after the Authority’s port office in Port Said received a report from the ship’s captain that the ship was sinking and leaning to the right and needed to rescue the crew on board, the Authority sent the tug “Port Said,” the tug “Masahib,” and the launch “Bahar 10” to the ship’s location to help evacuate the crew. safely, rescue its crew, and help the ship’s captain prevent the ship from sinking.

Work is currently underway to inspect the technical condition of the ship by maritime rescue crews and marine pollution control crews to contain any possible effects of the rescue operation and identify the reasons for its sinking.

The ship, which flies the Tanzanian flag, is 94 meters long, 15 meters wide, and has a draft of 6 metres, with a capacity of 3,000 tons. It belongs to the Assiut agency, coming from Lebanon and heading to the port of Adabiya, Egypt.

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