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He loves to know everything. Scorpio’s great intuition and curiosity make him one of the best detectives out of all the signs. It is for everyone. And when an answer is needed, Scorpio will find it for you. But unfortunately the Scorpion sees things only in black and white. Scorpios always have an agenda and often succeed in achieving it. Scorpios are in control of their own destiny and have only one way in life: to live their own way.

Scorpios do not live life, but attack this life attack. When they lose a loss in this life they will not waste time sitting and frowning but they will continue on their path and in the end they will surely succeed. Scorpios are often drawn to their passions and desires. Others often see them as autocrats.

Scorpios are those who keep secrets and those around them do not know the depths of their emotions, and if someone tries to probe the depths of their personality, they will be confronted with caution and they will move away immediately. Scorpios love to complete the matter, whether it is a matter of work or a matter of entertainment and play. In fact, in order for a Scorpio to achieve a good achievement, there must be a counter competitor, and he usually does not neglect it.

Professionally: There are many astronomical factors that make the general atmosphere this month lukewarm, or rather completely static, with the planets combined in the face of your sign from the scales, which generates some difficulties and conflicts and requires a lot of efforts to maintain peace and avoid accidents and moral decline. The month of its beginning is complex and difficult, and it is not suitable. To take any decisive stance on any subject, otherwise the results will be disappointing. The influences of the planets this month are useless, contrary to what you expected. Do not wait for an answer before the date of the 23rd with the sun moving into your sign, so try to reduce your nervousness and rush you, beware of difficult discussions because they may develop into a crisis under your insistence and strict positions.

Emotionally: This month enjoys a refreshing and romantic atmosphere under the influence of Venus from the sign of Sagittarius, to overflow with overwhelming passion, and emotional and intimate encounters abound. This is the most suitable month to bring the views closer and soften the atmosphere. This is the time for a formal engagement. Leave the words to your heart and let your emotions express what you want. Dive deep in your feelings and don’t be shy. If you want to take bold initiatives, what do you consider? And if you want to get to know new faces, the path is passable and easy.

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