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Selling Omar Sharif’s belongings by public auction

Media outlets reported that the holdings of the international star Omar Sharif will be sold at an auction on December 10, and Tariq, the son of the international star Omar Sharif and the late artist Faten Hamama, denied the family’s knowledge of the source of these holdings, and questioned whether they were “counterfeit” or stolen, and asked for more information about the entity. Organizing the auction, indicating that a report was submitted to the responsible authorities to discuss the truth of the matter.

Where the story began with the well-known cinematographer Hossam El-Aoun, who published a picture of Omar Sharif’s coat and credit card next to his membership card in the French Racing Federation, and commented on it through his verified account on Facebook, saying: The strangest thing I imagined could be exposed for sale: Membership card of the French Federation of Horse Racing

Tariq Omar Sharif immediately responded to Hossam Al-Aoun’s post, stressing that the family does not know anything about this auction, and no Omar Sharif’s belongings have been put up for sale, and he asked for more information to report to the investigation authorities.

The collectibles were to be auctioned, including a raincoat worn by Omar Sharif in the 1984 film Top Secret by director Blake Edwards, with Julie Andrews, along with a membership card of the French Federation of Horseracing from 2012, in addition to credit cards belonging to the international star, and the auction will start on the coat at a price As little as 350 euros.

The artist Hussein Fahmy had previously revealed his wish to make an exhibition of the belongings of the late artist Omar Sharif at the next session of the Cairo Film Festival, pointing out that his son Tariq rejected the idea without giving reasons.

Fahmy also confirmed that he was already able to obtain two suits for Omar Sharif from the holdings of one of the studios, and they were used in filming artwork, and he wanted to complete the rest of the holdings for display, and he contacted Tariq Omar Sharif, but he refused to cooperate.

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