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Sending two ships loaded with aid from Saudi Arabia to Palestine and Sudan

Abdullah Al-Rabiah, General Supervisor of the King Salman Relief Center, announced the dispatch of two ships from the port of Jeddah loaded with relief aid to Palestine and Sudan.

Al-Rabiah said: “The eighth relief ship to provide relief to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip carries on board food baskets, shelter materials, electric generators, and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, water tanks, forklifts, etc., and will head to the port of Al-Arish in the Arab Republic of Egypt in preparation for transporting them to the affected Palestinian people inside the Gaza Strip.” Thus, the total weight of aid provided to the sector so far through the air and sea bridges, represented by 8 ships and 50 aircraft, is more than 6,500 tons.

He also added: “Ship No. 31 for the relief of the Sudanese people carries food, shelter and medical supplies on board, and will head to the Sudanese port of Suakin in the Red Sea State of the sisterly Republic of Sudan in preparation for distributing them in the targeted Sudanese areas and contributing to alleviating the effects of the conditions that the Sudanese people are currently going through, and in doing so The total weight of aid provided to Sudan so far through the air and sea bridges, represented by 31 ships and 13 aircraft, is more than 14 thousand tons.

He explained that this aid comes within the framework of “Saudi Arabia’s historic role known to stand with those in need and those affected around the world with the various crises and tribulations they are going through.”

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