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Shakira releases her new song, what did she say to her ex-boyfriend Pique and his mother?

The Colombian-Lebanese singer, Shakira, released her new song for the year 2023 on the famous BZRP music channel on YouTube, which achieved great success, reaching 38 million views within the first 18 hours.

And the lyrics of the song came in the Spanish language to carry clear signs in which the followers saw that she meant her ex-husband, the Spanish soccer player and former Barcelona defense star Gerard Pique, who separated from each other last year due to news that Pique had betrayed his wife.

And the lyrics of the song came, after translating parts of it into Arabic, “Sorry, my plane took off. I will not return if you cry and beg me. I do not want new disappointments. All this talk about being a hero, and when I needed you, you turned the worst side of you to me.”

“I saw yourself as small for my size, so I wanted to marry a girl of your level. It is not my fault that you are being criticized. (…) You left and left me as a victim of your mother and the press. of your level….”

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