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Shocking statistics for the superiority of marine animals in Chile

Local authorities in Chile have published data indicating the death of 7,654 seals and 1,186 Humboldt penguins, which are endangered, in addition to other rare marine species, after they were stranded on the coast. As a result of her infection with avian influenza, which struck the northern coast of the country. Noting that the virus has spread in 12 out of 16 regions in the country, since the beginning of this year, according to official statistics issued by the National Authority for Fishing and Aquaculture.

According to one of those responsible for the file, the infections affected new species in areas where the virus is spreading for the first time, and coastal control operations have been activated in accordance with the protocols in force in terms of burying dead animals to prevent the spread of the virus.

Chile had recorded the first human infection with bird flu, a 53-year-old

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