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Sisi’s decision to assign the Prime Minister the portfolio of the Ministry of Reform raises eyebrows

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s decision to assign Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly the duties of Minister of Administrative Reform raises questions about the reason behind this decision.
Local affairs expert Mohamed Refaat said that this assignment is not new and goes back to a previous decision to exclude the Central Agency for Organization and Administration from the Ministry of Planning, and transferring its affiliation to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Here, the Prime Minister becomes ex-officio the minister responsible for administrative reform affairs, in addition to the duties of his position as Prime Minister. In the event that a competent minister is not assigned the same task.
The decision also reflects, firstly, the extent of confidence that the Egyptian President has in his prime minister. It is also consistent with the approach followed to rationalize expenditures by merging a number of ministries into one ministry, as happened in merging international cooperation with planning, and including foreign immigration and industry in transportation.
Refaat explained that to achieve this, several steps must be taken, the most important of which is tightening oversight over the state’s administrative apparatus by activating the work of oversight agencies such as the Administrative Oversight Apparatus and the Public Funds Investigations Department, and for Parliament and the press to play greater roles in monitoring the government’s work, which is what Dr. Madbouly stated approximately during the period In the future, the efficiency of employees in the state’s administrative apparatus will be raised, adding that “citizen satisfaction is linked to the employee’s competence and ability to provide services to citizens.”

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