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Solaf Fawakherji and Wael Ramadan meet

Director Wael Ramadan started in Damascus to shoot the movie “Kazy Rose”, produced by Jamil Al-Ghaith, about the story of Rana Al-Adham, Alaa Al-Muhanna and Hawar Naim Al-Homsi, and executive producer Joud Film for artistic producer Yamen Sitt Al-Benin.

The Syrian star, Sulaf Fawakherji, will also be present in the film as a director, along with Wael Ramadan, where he assigned the technical cooperation to her and Shadi Ali.

This is the first technical cooperation between Solaf and Wael after their separation a short time ago.

Where the events of the film revolve within the framework of suspense and excitement inside the “Rose” restaurant, which brings together several people from multiple and different social classes and classes, and in one evening they are exposed to a circumstance inside the restaurant that makes them live moments of fear and rivalry at times and closeness at other times, as masks unfold and fall, especially when moments approach the last of these people’s lives.

The film brings to the list the heroes of Wael Ramadan, Mirna Shalfoun, Yazan Khalil, Jenny Esper, Bashar Ismail, Jamal Al-Ali, Andre Skaf, Tariq Maraachli, Rana Al-Adham, Wael Zidan, Hoda Shaarawy, Wafaa Moussalli, Mustafa Al-Mustafa, Maryam Ali, Suleiman. Rizk, Farah Khader, Ghassan Azab, Mazen Abbas, Osama Al-Sayed Youssef, Hanan Al-Lulu, Radwan Al-Kintar, Hamza Ramadan, in addition to the guest of honor Fayez Qazak.

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