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Somaya Al-Khashab files a lawsuit against Ramez Jalal

Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab announced that she had filed a lawsuit against her Egyptian colleague Ramez Galal, the presenter of the famous prank programs shown on MBC during Ramadan, as she was a guest on one of his episodes, and this caused physical harm, as a result of which she was hospitalized.

In a television interview, Al-Khashab said that she was also surprised that many of the participants in the controversial prank program were also admitted to the hospital suffering from varying pains and bruises, and that she also suffered from pain in the left foot, as well as in the shoulder, and she has medical reports stating that she was exposed to several bruises, torn ligaments, and a fracture. In the heel of the foot.

The Egyptian actress pointed out that participants in the program usually sign a paper stating that they bear responsibility for the circumstances and circumstances of the program, but it does not give its makers the right to inflict physical harm on the guests, noting that she is following the case in court and does not intend to give up her right in this regard.

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