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South Korean weapons deployed on the border

The President of South Korea, Yoon Sok Yol, said that his country is studying the possibility of spreading nuclear weapons to another country on its soil, in the event that matters escalate with neighboring North Korea.

The South Korean news “News” quoted the statements of the South Korean President, who instructed the Ministry of Defense to submit this military report in the context of the work plans for the year 2023.

Yul said, “South Korea could host nuclear weapons in the future and put itself into service if the situation worsens with North Korea’s” provocations “, pointing to the possibility of his country obtaining this weapon in the event of such a situation developing, using the required scientific techniques, so we will be able quickly without Spend a lot of time on getting nukes.

He also pointed out that at the present time it is important to choose the possible options realistically, pointing out that Seoul is now discussing with Washington the exchange of information and joint planning and implementation of such plans in matters of US nuclear assets.

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