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Stop relations between Niger and America

Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Mohamed El Amin Zein said in an interview with the Washington Post that his country decided to stop its military cooperation with the United States in March due to “threats” made by American officials.
On March 16, the authorities in Niger canceled “with immediate effect” the military cooperation agreement concluded in 2012 with the United States. This step came after the departure of an American delegation headed by Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly V.
The Nigerian Prime Minister also revealed that Molly threatened the authorities in Niamey during her visit to impose sanctions on her if Niger signed an agreement to sell the uranium it produces to Iran.
Secretary Zein stated that he responded then, saying, “First, you come here and threaten us in our country. This is unacceptable. And you come to tell us with whom we can establish relations, which is also unacceptable. And you do so in a condescending tone and with a lack of respect.”
He also added, “The Americans remained on our lands without doing anything while the terrorists were killing our people and burning our towns. Coming to our lands and allowing terrorists to attack us is not evidence of friendship.”
He continued, “We have seen what the United States does to defend its allies, such as Ukraine or Israel.”
In mid-April, Washington agreed to withdraw its forces, numbering more than a thousand soldiers, from Niger, and discussions are underway about the conditions for this withdrawal.

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